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Volunteer Opportunities


Grace Stables Korea offers many volunteer opportunities.

Check out the ways you can get involved!

*a volunteer liability form is required to be signed and filled out before beginning any volunteer activity

Grace Stables Korea is registered in VMIS and all volunteer hours are eligible for submission.

Saturday morning open volunteer time

Come volunteer with us on Saturdays between 11am and 2 pm! First, you'll need to sign a Volunteer Liability Form, which you can receive by emailing us (our email address is below). Once you've completed this step, you'll be able to help with a range of horse care tasks, including mucking stalls, brushing and grooming, various repairs and upkeep. You'll be assigned a Team Leader who will explain everything you need to know about safety and guide you through all the activities.

Outreach events

We hold most of our outreach events on Saturdays from 11 am to 3 pm, and occasionally on Sunday afternoons.  These events are mainly for orphanages and welfare homes, but we also work with other groups, such as abuse victims, and high-risk adolescents. We offer a variety of activities, such as therapeutic based riding, games, horse grooming and feeding, arts and crafts, and plenty of food and snacks. This is a great opportunity to get involved and volunteer even if you don't know much about horses.  If you are interested in volunteering with these events, please email us. Please note that before volunteering, you'll need to fill out a volunteer liability form and go through a short interview process.

Community Events

We offer various community events for soldiers and expats. This includes Girl Scout/Boy Scout Badge activities and horse experience events for active duty soldiers. These events are very fun and a good way to meet fellow military and expat family friends. 


Therapeutic Based Riding 

Occasionally we have groups of disabled children/adults request therapy based riding events. This program requires an interview, show of skills, and a Liability Form. We are also happy to give basic training for those who are really interested in being part of this program.

Teaching lessons/ training

If you are a skilled rider and interested in teaching, please contact us. We require an interview process for this position. Our instructors and assistant instructors are able to use their tabulated volunteer hours in trade for riding time and/or lessons.

(Please note, we DO NOT sponsor visas, and this is NOT a salary position. Based on visa status, we can give a small volunteer allowance through our non-profit.)

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