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Healing Hearts of Humans
Healing Hearts of Horses
All by Grace

Welcome to Grace Stables Korea, a licensed non-profit equestrian outreach center located in Asan, just a short distance from Camp Humphreys. Our mission is to provide outreach programs for a variety of groups, including orphanages, active duty soldiers and families, victims of abuse and trafficking, and any other group that can benefit from our services.

We offer riding lessons and training for all ages and levels, including participation in FEI competitions throughout South Korea. We have Korea's first and largest Expat Equestrian Jumping Team.


At Grace Stables, we are dedicated to providing education and life learning skills to social action and community groups, such as Scouting programs and 4-H. Our goal is to not only improve horsemanship skills, but to also develop character and leadership qualities in our participants.

As an outreach branch of Morning Calm Ministries, we have recently merged under the Non-Commissioned Officers Association Korea Chapter (NCOA), a US congressional nonprofit. This exciting development allows us to expand our outreach in both the US and Korean communities.


Join us in making a difference at Grace Stables Korea, where we strive to provide a safe and nurturing environment for all who participate in our programs.

We offer:

  • ​EEA/T Equine Healing and Training based Sessions​

  • Girl/Boy Scout Badge Events

  • Horse Leasing

  • Outreach Events

  • Parties/BBQs

  • Riding and Horsemanship Lessons

  • Volunteering (USFK VMIS registered)

Horses Healing Humans

Our Story

Grace Stables is one of South Korea’s first outreach organizations,

offering horse riding and horse activities related to EAA/T (Equine Assisted Activities (based) Therapy)

Grace Stables Korea

Grace Stables Logo.png
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